Alain Cardinal

I am the solitary wanderer, the observer trapped in the labyrinth of time. My marks range along the boulevards of the collective unconscious. Sometimes pictures, sometimes historical, architectural often, mostly urban, my compositions deal with the loneliness common to human beings.

In the studio of a painter who learned his craft in the distant past, I translate the world inside me in the manner of a symbolist lost in modern hype. Through a regular protagonist straight out of a dark movie, I explore the neurosis of the individual confronted with community expectations. It is the disorder of the intimate struggle to maintain its identity in a more uniform world.

In my work I consider the limits of cinematic expressionism and surrealism, I keep the accuracy of staging on a film set.

The paintings I propose the most often are visual variations of themes developed by builders. It is actually the psychological deterioration of humans supposedly protected by the fortress walls of the city. The slender vertical stuctures conquering the sky will penetrate us with their sharp points.

This results in anxiety equal to the ambitions of exceeding that man has established as social norms. On backgrounds often similar to the elements, the protagonists are staged. They are actors in a never ending story.