Chantal Cloutier

My artistic approach stems from the stylistic exploration of various genres and concepts linked to a passion for nature and appreciation of detail that transcribes beauty in its natural movement.

It was from a young age that I developed a passion for the visual arts. I trained in portraiture and worked with different mediums, oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolour. My influences come from traditional and contemporary art. The photograph also takes an important place in the evolution of my art as inspiration and references. My camera follows me everywhere from in the botanical gardens, safari parks, zoos and my excursions.

I have been involved with the art side of interior design since 1991 and became familiar with various techniques. I developed a taste for materials and design that inspires my works executed on aluminum panels; an alternative to canvas that I appreciate for the light reflection with which I like to create different effects.

My works are mostly realistically rendered subjects with a contemporary twist.