Laurent Viens


Laurent Viens is unique, he has always been original. Labels do not impress him, nor the things that are always popular. There is only one thing important for him; the intensity of energy in the art of creation.

He claims that he is not interested in art which requires detailed explanations. He emphaises “If one has to attend a lecture in order to appreciate a work of art, then it is probably a futile process, and it will be difficult to reach an understanding of it”.

He believes that the work lies in the creator`s capacity to elude the conscious thoughts and in his faculty to feel beyond things, the thought processes are easy to appreciate merely from viewing it.

According to him words are unnecessary to reveal the essence of his art, they would merely falsify the essential and dilute the emotion.

It is in his abandonned freedom of expression that Laurent Viens had his first initiation with Frère Jêrome, himself a student and a friend of Borduas.

To express the way one feels it is more demanding to convey what may be expected. Therefore the feeling is far more important than the technique and the expression. It is his intense concern for freedom of expression which motivates Laurent Viens’s art.

Today we find his work in major Galleries ranging from Montréal and Ottawa to New York and even Miami.

Soft and passionate, Laurent Viens defines himself as a “slapper of paint! A kid!” He works with whatever happens to be close to him and in the process his work has become sometimes sculpture, sometimes painting but always there is one constant element in the forceable power of line and form.

A man of honour and principles, he detests pretences, false praise and insincerity. His main intention is to evoque an emotional reaction from the viewer.