Mel Platzke

Mel Platzke is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Residential Planning and Design. He also studied performing arts and theatre production at Wright State University. A former model, Mr Platzke has worked for famous designers and photographers throughout Europe, South America, Mexico and the United States. He eventually landed in New York City and Miami simultaneously where he began to design and create coffee tables and mirror frames for residential use with different motifs and designs. Those early designs evolved into the modern, sleek and sophisticated artwork that he creates today.

A true perfectionist, Mr. Platzke does not outsource any work during the many stages in the productions of his art. He begins the process by selecting the wood to create the wood canvas where he carefully lays his design, layer by layer, until the design is complete. Finally, he applies a resin to the pieces. This final step provides protection and a high gloss finish. Most of the the pieces have a thickness of two to four inches with the purpose of applying the design on the the sides, as well as the front, so the observer can appreciate the design from almost any angle, giving each piece an architectural or sculptural feel.